Ordering Information

Please call, fax or e-mail your request to our sales department with the catalog number and quantity. For products not listed in this catalog, please give us details such as name, structure and/or CAS number. We will send you our quotation and delivery time within the shortest possible time. Unless other wise mentioned, our quotation is valid for 90 days. No minimum order is required. Cancellation charges may apply on certain products. If you need to have written confirmation please mark as 'reconfirmation' on your purchase order.

• Reddy Nagavelli: 832-428-5851
• Radha Bonala: 631-384-9250
Fax: 281-419-4974
E-mail: sales@carbocore.com
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 131508, The Woodlands, TX 77393-1508

Shipping: Within the US and Canada will be through UPS, Federal express or Airborne Express. Please inform us if you have any preferred means of shipping. Certain restricted materials which cannot be shipped by afore mentioned services, will be shipped by the least expensive route.

Payment: Terms are net 30 days from the date of receiving the invoice.

General Information

All the products offered in our catalog are intended for research and developmental purposes only. Chemicals and reagents listed in this catalog are not intended for drug use, medical devices or food additives. We reserve the right to sell certain chemicals only after we have received a written statement from the customer that the product will be used only for research and development.

The buyer agrees that the items in this catalog may not have been fully tested for toxicity and other hazards. It is buyer’s responsibility to ascertain toxicity and other hazards. Technically qualified individuals should handle all the chemicals in this catalog. Carbocore is not responsible for damages or consequences of any kind occurred during the application or handling of these products. All chemicals listed in this catalog should be treated as potentially harmful. The absence of warning label does not mean that a product is harmless. Please follow our MSDS sheet carefully before handling the product. If you need any assistance in handling our products please call us.

Many products listed in our catalog are only experimental and not in the TSCA inventory. Such products must be evaluated under the provisions of 40 CFR 720.36. Until pre-manufacture notification is completed and commercial production begins, such products can only be used for research and development purposes and must be handled and disposed safely in accordance with the Federal, State, and local regulations.